The Cubans – Faces of Cuba

In January 2013, my photo buddy Doug Kaye and I participated in a people-to-people cultural exchange program in Havana, Cuba. We were there for a week – January 24-31, 2013.

Faces of Cuba is a portfolio of some of my favorite people images from the trip. All of these images were shot with a Nikon D600 digital SLR – and most used the “kit lens” that came on the camera – a 24-85mm zoom.

I’ve processed them similarly – using a square format – to treat them as a portfolio. Typically, I first cropped the image into a square format in Lightroom – trying to get the composition “right”. Then I mostly used the Agfa Scala 200 black and white conversion found in the new VSCO Film 04. Using the VSCO Tools, I’d work on the highlights, shadows and vignette before taking the image into Photoshop CC for toning (platinum gradient map toning in the shadows only using an inverted RGB layer mask) as well as any dodging and burning to add a layer of dimensionality to the image.

Hope you enjoy!

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