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How to make Snapshots that sell!

How to Make Snapshots That Sell

Today Doug Kaye and I walked to SFMOMA and took in the exhibition Don’t! Photography and the Art of Mistakes.

Near the start of the exhibition are several books displayed in plastic cases on the wall – including this one. The books all harken back to earlier days in photography when writing about mostly bad but also some good photography techniques were explained. The title of this one caught my eye – a very “click bait” title indeed!

The exhibition is fun to see. It’s organized into sections “by mistake” so that all examples of, for example, out of focus images are in one section. All of the images are interesting but it’s especially fun to see examples from many “famous” photographers including Ansel Adams, Man Ray, Cartier-Breslin, etc.

Along the way are quotes including this lament by Edward Steichen:

And words of wisdom from Alfred Stieglitz – Twelve Random Don’ts – I especially like “the world in its entirety is not a camera club.”

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My Visit to SFMOMA

One Way - SFMOMA - 2016

Yesterday I headed to San Francisco for my first visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) since its recent re-opening. It was a perfect day to do so – with light commute travel given the start of the Memorial Day weekend. I bought my ticket online for a 10:15 AM entry and was able to join as soon as it opened.

I’m a quick museum go’er – preferring to move quickly between rooms to get a sense and then circling back to look more closely at certain items that interest me. Definitely best done as a solitary pursuit as I’d frustrate a companion with my quick movements and subsequent zigging and zagging!

I spent about two hours exploring – and then stopped for an early lunch at Cafe 5 – which was lovely by the way!

I packed my Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X70 cameras in my shoulder bag – but, as it turned out, I only took pictures with my iPhone 6s. I enjoyed shooting light – and “light” – with just my iPhone.

Here are some examples. I’m looking forward to making another pass later this year!