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Ah Evvia!

Ah Evvia - Palo Alto - 2013

One of my favorite local restaurants is Evvia at 420 Emerson St. in Palo Alto. A long time favorite, this restaurant serves up great Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to the great food, the setting is also superb – with lots of texture, color and ambiance.

Here’s a shot from a lunchtime visit last August when I happened to take along my then-new Fujifilm X100S. I happened to have a table right across from the oven – and loved this scene with the bread and bread baskets piled high and the copper cookware hanging from the rack above.

This image is straight out of the X100S (shot as a JPEG) with a bit of vignette added in Lightroom 5.

Lightroom Photography Photography - Fujifilm X100S San Francisco/California VSCO Film

Along the Waterfront and the Picture Postcard Workflow

Hercules and Eureka - San Francisco - 2013

In late August, Doug Kaye, Chris Chabot and I visited the San Francisco National Maritime Museum – it was one of my first times out with a new Fujifilm X100S. This image – shot at f/10, 1/800, ISO 200 – shows the great capture capability of the X100S – Tug Hercules and the ferry boat Eureka. This image was post-processed using VSCO Film 04 and Lightroom 5.

After considering this version of the image, I knew we could do better. There’s a distinct blue cast to it – which you can see in the white paint on the Eureka.

The Picture Postcard Workflow taught by Dan Margulis teaches us that the first thing we must do to every image is to adjust the color. So, I bought this version into Photoshop CC and went through the adjustment process using RGB curves. That took care of the blue cast nicely.

I then used Shadows/Highlights to bring out more detail in the shadows near the bow of the Hercules and then used the Man from Mars/Color Boost technique to add more color separation. A final sharpening step using the Sharpen 2013 action with reduced opacity results in this version of the image – much nicer I believe!

Hercules and Eureka - San Francisco - 2013
Black and White Fujifilm X100S Monochrome Photography Photography Photography - Black & White Photography - Fujifilm X100S

Skater in Old Town – San Diego

Skater - San Diego - 2013

Doug Kaye and I got to San Diego thinking we might have some opportunities to shoot while we attended Dan Margulis’ workshop. As it turned out, Dan is quite a taskmaster – in a very good way – and we only had our first evening to head out for shooting.

We headed first to Old Town – and I caught this skater as he zoomed past while we were sitting on a bench.

Fujifilm X100S Photography Photography - Fujifilm X100S

The Dancer at Old Town

Dancer - Old Town - 2013

While Doug Kaye and I were exploring Old Town San Diego last week, we came across a group of dancers doing their thing on a stage in front of a small crowd. Everyone was having a lot of fun – the dancers, the audience and Doug and I trying to capture a couple of good shots!

It was a delightful late afternoon!

Photography Photography - Fujifilm X100S

Delight in Old Town – San Diego

Delight - Old Town - 2013

The afternoon before our workshop with Dan Margulis, Doug Kaye and I checked into our hotel and then headed to Old Town.

We had a great time – in the late afternoon light – exploring this great state park. Along the way, we came across some great interiors – shops along the way. This was a great example – we walked into this shop and were met with this wonderful smile – and she loved posing for our attempts to capture her image. I was shooting with my Fujifilm X100S.

I put this image through the full Dan Margulis treatment – color correction, luminosity adjustments, and color enhancement. A bit of sharpening and shadow saturation reduction finished it up.

Film Filoli Fujifilm X100S Gardens iPad Lightroom Photography Photography - Fujifilm X100S Photoshop CC VSCO Film

Back to the Garden

The Garden - Filoli - 2013

I made a quick visit to Filoli this morning on a very warm day here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wanted to try out a new Toshiba FlashAir SD Card in my Fujifilm X100S. I have the 8GB version of the card – Toshiba has just announced a 16GB version which is also faster (Class 10 vs Class 6) – but it’s not yet available.

My goal today was to be able to take some shots, upload them from the camera to my iPad mini, do a couple of quick edits and then upload them as a new set to Flickr. Everything worked fine – I shot 28 images (before the heat got to me!) and headed into the café to upload them off the camera to the iPad and then on to Flickr. All told, it took me about a half hour to do this – roughly 1 minute per image. The combination of moving these 6-7 MB Jpeg files around twice took longer than I expected (the FlashAir uses WiFi to the iPad mini and on the iPad I was using the Flickr app to upload over Verizon LTE cellular.

In any case, mission accomplished! <a href="Derrick Story likes to call this combination the “nimble photographer”. Not sure I felt very nimble today in the heat – but it was fun and a walk in Filoli – even a short one – is always a lift for the spirit!

When I got home, I transferred the images off the SD card into Lightroom 5 and then did some editing using VSCO Film presets. A bit of dodging and burning in Photoshop CC, a quick border addition, and this image was finished.

Lily Panoramas Photography Photography - Fujifilm X100S Stanford

Remembering Lily – Wandering Stanford

Quad - Stanford - 2013

Lily and I used to really enjoy our weekend walks at Stanford. We live close to the campus – a quick trip in the car to one of several of our favorite starting points. On most weekend mornings, there’s not a lot going on around campus – but she really enjoyed just getting out and walking as did I.

Sometimes, I listened to podcasts along the way. Other times I didn’t – just wanting to be in the moment walking with her and enjoying the beauty of this special place. Lily didn’t care what I did – she just enjoyed all of the sights and smells along the way – a semi-regular routine but not one that was frequent enough to be boring!

One of our favorite spots was inside the Quad. She didn’t particularly enjoy all of the stone footing – but when we got out into the outer area with some nice grass she was happy again!

Many times I’ve taken this shot looking back at Memorial Church. Yesterday, I took it without Lily at my side – while remembering all of our great times together wandering Stanford.

Fujifilm X100S Photography Photography - Fujifilm X100S San Francisco/California

A Walk in the City

On the Go - San Francisco - 2013

We’ve really been missing Lily this week – even her annoying habits that we used to complain about remind us that she’s gone.

This morning Doug Kaye and I met up in San Francisco for one of regular photo walks – this time exploring Chinatown mostly again but also passing through Embarcadero Center on our way to a late lunch at one of our favorites – Slanted Door.

Doug was shooting with two cameras he had acquired from – a Leica M9 and a Fujifilm X100S – for upcoming reviews on the This Week in Photography podcast.

I was shooting with my new Fujifilm X100S – having committed to this new camera based on the rave reviews it’s received from many other photographers.

This image is one of my favorites from today – seems to capture the capabilities of the X100S very nicely!