A Passing

Former HP CEO Lew Platt died last Thursday.

I met him once, almost fifteen years ago – as an HP client wanting to learn more about HP’s leadership. We had lunch. It was one of those rare lunches you remember, savor – like with an old friend. We talked about a lot of stuff, family, work, life. One of the best business lunches I’ve ever had. The HP Way, I guess.

More recently, I’ve seen Lew a few times in the past few years across the tables at Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park. Hard to believe he’s now gone – such a good and decent man.


Nuclear Family

Judy Richter wrote a great article for the San Francisco Chronicle’s Home and Garden section today on how three generations of a family in Fairfield, California pooled their resources to build a family “compound”.

In planning the house, “we saw it as a marriage of families” and a way “to be there for Mom and Dad,” Steve Lavell said. “This isn’t an experiment. We’re going to make it work.”

George Curry agreed. “No matter what happens, we can work it out. It’s a more impressive family than it is an impressive house.”

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all end our days living with our family just down the hall?


9/11/2001: Always Remember

Remember.One year ago today, I followed my usual morning routine — checking email and browsing the web. Just like this morning. One of my usual first stops is Dave Winer’s Scripting News. I saw his posting:

6:15AM: Bill Seitz reports that a plane has crashed into NY’s World Trade Center.

I turned on CNN — and learned just how the world had changed.

A day to remember. Always.