Why Blog?

Brad Garland links to a brief but great video by Seth Godin and Tom Peters that concisely talks about the benefits of blogging. Godin’s points, in particular, about the benefit of writing to organize your thoughts is one of the main benefits I feel from blogging – when I get around to it!

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Blogging — It’s Good for You

From Scientific American. I should do more blogging apparently! Fred Davis mostly enjoys his life in public.

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Loving Serendipity

Painter friend (and reformed payments geek) Donald Neff writes about how he achieved one of his 2007 New Year’s resolutions – having his paintings shown in two new galleries.

He was successful – signing up the Tahoe Village Art Gallery in South Lake Tahoe and the Sandy-by-the-Sea Gallery in Carmel by the Sea.

He writes: “Well, after all this, I am setting a goal of at least one more gallery for 2008. I doubt they will ‘plop in my lap’ like the last two, but you never know.”

In the small world category, it turns out that Don is friends with Ed Terpening – another Northern California “plein air” artist. I first corresponded with Ed when he was helping Wells Fargo launch their initial weblog efforts a couple of years ago.

Maybe we need to start 😉

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Google Sitemaps for TypePad Pro

I was pulling my hair out last night trying to get a template for creating a Google Sitemap in TypePad for use with our Payments News blog. Unfortunately, the ones that have been posted for Movable Type are subtly incompatible with date formatting in TypePad. As a result, they return errors when published.

Frankly, it’s simply beyond me to understand why neither TypePad nor Google document how to do this (for TypePad Pro users) in either of their online help or FAQ material! Maybe this post will result in one or both of them posting these details – so that others can find these details much more quickly!


Start of Year 5

I started this particular vintage of my personal weblog four years ago today. I’ve had a personal website much longer than that — the first evidence that Alexa has on us was dated 10/19/98. Almost a year later, the site had taken initial form — edited at the time using Microsoft FrontPage.

Four years ago when I was moving from FrontPage to a true weblog, the blogging tool I used (before it was even called blogging!) was Radio Userland. In july 2003, I migrated the site to using SixApart’s TypePad service which is where it’s resided ever since. I’m an avid fan of MarsEdit on the Mac for all of the writing I do both here and over on Payments News.

It’s fun to go back through my archives and see what I was thinking and writing about one, two, or three years ago. Amazing stuff!

Last year, for example, there’s a post mentioning Tom Stienstra’s favorite view spots around San Francisco – in particular from Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands.

Three years ago, there’s a post about a newly announced MasterCard Installment Card – a product that appears to have been stillborn and gone nowhere.

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Rearview Mirror: How Big Can Amazon Be?

Five years ago this month, New York Times writer Saul Hansell asked that question.

Wall Street has put up the money to realize his dream for the most “amazing” and “creative” store that sells everything. Now the warehouses have been built and the ribbon has been bought. There’s only this Christmas, and maybe a few more, to find out just how big can be.

As an aside, for tomorrow’s Sunday New York Times, Hansell updates the Gates vs. Jobs story of Microsoft vs. Apple in online music.

Although the online archive for my weblog begins in November 2001, an earlier edition of my original personal weblog (which is now offline) began on June 20, 1999. So, in one form or another, I’ve been blogging now for almost five and half years.

I found the story link above in an offline copy of that first weblog that I had saved. By the way, back in those pre-historic blog days, I maintained my personal site (and weblog) with Microsoft FrontPage. Yuck!

When Radio Userland was introduced about three years ago (late 2001), I migrated to Radio. I believe this November 2001 post was my first using Radio Userland. Radio was, of course, a mind blower. Not just a web posting tool, Radio was a desktop news aggregator as well — and available cross-platform to boot!

Just about a year ago I migrated my blog from Radio to TypePad. Radio, while being very powerful, was a bit like an Erector set — and I opted for TypePad’s more user friendly approach. I believe this is the first post I made here using TypePad.

For my news aggregation needs, I’m now totally addicted to NetNewsWire and I’m posting this blog update using the ultracool MarsEdit.