Working the Image – Lessons from Walker Evans

Loved this – from “Walker Evans at Work“:

“Evans’s lifelong habit was to make several versions of each picture, often with different lenses or cameras. The reasons for this practice have to do with the photographer’s many-leveled relationship to his world. A photographer responds to a world of things which he at once sees, experiences and understands. When he is faced with stimulating subject matter, his immediate task is to make what sense he can of the components of seeing – camera distance, perspective, framing, light and gesture, all of which may be telling him important, perhaps contradictory, things at the same time. In addition, he is bedeviled by connections his mind is making between what he sees and what he knows – what he has read and lived, pictures he has seen, how he was raised, and a thousand other things. To be a good artist means to devise a personal strategy for reconciling the elements of this rich assault.”

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