Apple iPhoto Photography

Playing with iPhoto ’11

I recently attended a photography workshop with Derrick Story and seven other photographers that included a late afternoon visit to Safari West, an African wild animal preserve northeast of Santa Rosa. I just fired up the new version of iPhoto ’11 (part of the new Apple iLife ’11 suite) to see how it would work with the post-processed photos that I had already worked on in Lightroom 3.

I was really surprised by the results – especially using the Enhance Photo edit option – which really caused many of these photos to have some very nice additional “pop”. Another treat was quickly throwing them all into a slideshow – using Ken Burns effects and some music that iPhoto selected – and then quickly exporting it to a QuickTime movie – see below – click the play triangle to start:

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It is a bit convoluted getting the exported slideshow movie up to MobileMe – to do that you have to open the exported movie file in QuickTime Player and then use the Share menu to upload it to MobileMe. Heavens knows why iPhoto doesn’t have this capability built-in? And, also why can’t I easily embed the movie in my web page here?

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