Financial Planning

Buckets of Money

Ray Lucia and his Buckets of Money BrainTrust roadshow came to town today.

Ray’s a certified financial planner based in San Diego who’s built a significant business out of providing advice as to what you should be doing with your money. Among other things, he spends four hours a day on a nationally syndicated radio show where he and the BrainTrust take calls from listeners.

Sometime recently I came across Ray’s radio show while shuttling between meetings during the business day (he’s only on an hour from 11 AM-Noon locally). I really enjoyed the show! And, when I heard he was coming to San Francisco, I decided to attend to learn more.

Ray and his colleagues spent two hours both answering our questions and outlining his “buckets of money” approach — which I’d describe a simplified form of asset allocation. By simplified, I certainly don’t mean to sound negative — Ray’s simplification actually helps make the whole process much easier to understand.

Naturally, Ray’s also got a book on the subject: Buckets of Money. I picked up a copy this morning and read much of it this afternoon. Much of the seminar material is repeated in the first chapter or two of the book — particularly the build-up of facts that led to his buckets of money approach — but the rest of the book has a lot of additional information on the approach, some specific categories of investments for the buckets, etc.

I found the morning with Ray and team very enjoyable. It’s a pleasure to watch somebody so good at what he does perform.