Be happy! By starting the

Be happy! By starting the new year upbeat, chances are you’ll feel healthier. [Seattle Times]

You MUST get rid of the three musts. To be happy, people have to let go of the dreaded “three musts”:

  • I must do well and be approved;
  • You must treat me nicely;
  • The world must give me what I deserve.

With the explosion in spam,

With the explosion in spam, it sure seems like the time is right to provide a spam filter based upon neural net technology. Too bad this version is only for Unix geeks. What’s needed is a version that plugs into Microsoft Outlook and does the work on the client desktop.

Save your spam — you may want it to train your own personal neural net!

I guess the question for a developer is whether spending any energy on this opportunity is worth the effort? In other words, how to make money? Sure seems like it’s a classic situation where whatever you do Microsoft will eventually do something similar or maybe just a little bit better, bundle it in the next version of Office, and wipe out the market.