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Saint Teresa of Avila #2 - Bodega - 2010

In August of 2010, I took a photography workshop led by Dave Wyman and Ken Rockwell to Point Reyes and Tomales Bay. Along the way to the coast, we stopped in the small town of Bodega and had shot the Saint Teresa of Avila Church – in the fog. This image was shot with my tiny Canon PowerShot S90 and I have previously processed it this way:

Saint Teresa of Avila - Bodega - 2010

I loved the foggy moodiness of the image – and the amber colors in the grassy foreground. I reprocessed it in monochrome with a bit of a texture overlay to add a bit more drama for the version up top.

The town of Bodega is famous for having been included in Hitchcock’s movie The Birds. The church itself was photographed in 1953 by Ansel Adams.

The Church Saint Teresa of Avila at Bodega

Saint Teresa of Avila - Bodega - 2010

This image, taken with a tiny Canon PowerShot S90 during a photo workshop weekend in the fall of 2010, shows the church Saint Teresa of Avila – made famous in the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”. We were there on a cool, foggy morning and the light was just right to capture some moody images!