Slow Coffee!

Coffee Valentine by Shannon ClarkThis week’s New York Times Magazine included an article titled “Coffee’s Slow Dance” by Oliver Strand.

Strand writes about how he “started buying gear — a grinder, a drip cone, a pouring kettle — that was simple, functional and beautiful. They were low-tech, high-fidelity gadgets that cost $15 to $50 and changed how I make coffee. For the most part, the key components came from Japan.” I’ve recently had a similar experience.

One of the podcasts I enjoy listening to while driving hither and yon is the Build and Analyze podcast by Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin. Turns out that Marco is a real fan of coffee done right – and he’s talked about how he does it on earlier editions of this podcast. His techniques include using the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker – a hand-operated manual press that turns out to be SO much better than the traditional French press.

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