Share the True Spirit of America

UncleSam_small.jpgA few weeks ago I first read about Spirit of America and what Jim Hake was doing to help support a positive impression of America amid the turmoil in Iraq.

Without any political agenda, Spirit of America provides a way for those of us who want to help in our own private way to do so as effectively and efficiently as possible.

What can we as individuals do? Contribute!. Get involved, volunteer.

And also say thanks to Tim Oren and the other bloggers who are solidly behind this effort.

Play Against Yourself

A great personal reflection from Gary Loveman, chief executive of Harrah’s Entertainment.

A defining thing for me was going to Bobby Knight’s basketball camp at Indiana University when I was about 14. Two things I learned: I wasn’t nearly a good-enough basketball player to keep playing with any consequence. All the kids on my team made the all-star team except me. And Bobby Knight said something that stuck in my mind: Don’t play against the competition. Play against yourself – as well as you’re capable of doing.

Content Snatchers

Don Park comments on content snatching — hijacking a web site’s content with the hijacker then using the ripped off content to make money without putting any work into creating any content herself.

A good friend of mine had her site hijacked a couple of years ago — they made a subtle change to the domain name and changed all of the associates’ ID’s, etc.

What’s missing here? Some way to have the content provider authenticate that the site is actually their site. Feels like a digital signature application – but obviously very difficult to police, etc.


Ever listen to how some of us talk? So, …

Take a look at this transcript — and count the number of times a paragraph begins with “So…”

It’s the new “you know”…


John Robb points to an article in the Air Force Association magazine on the history of the F-16, a pretty amazing airplane.

The F-16 has an official name—Fighting Falcon—that nobody uses. To those who fly, arm, or maintain it, it is “the Viper.” It has been the most popular fighter of its time, with some 4,100 F-16s delivered to more than 20 countries. It has flown more than 200,000 combat sorties. Its air combat record: 71-to-zero.

But they’re just not LOUD enough — something that I’m sure serves them well in combat but not in aeronautic demonstration routines. I remember seeing the Air Force Thunderbirds flying F-16’s at Travis Air Force Base a couple of years ago. Great show and all — but without that earth-shaking noise that the Blue Angels F-18’s (with two engines per aircraft) put out! My fondest memory of a very loud aerial demonstration team performance was one I saw by the Thunderbirds back in the early 1970’s over Lake Tahoe — flying twin-engined F-4 Phantoms.

Of course, the real beauty of the F-16 is how well it performs its mission — on just that single engine. Amazingly, the aircraft has been in service since 1978 — twenty-five years!