Visit Cuba!

Auténtica Cuba - Havana - 2013

One of the unique things about Cuba is the lack of advertising.

When you’re out on the street, there just aren’t any billboards, signs, etc. No Coca-Cola signs, no big billboards, none of that kind of thing. Once in a while you’ll see a propaganda message – but otherwise there’s none of the usual media we’re used to seeing plastered everywhere.

While walking Central Havana, we came up on this billboard – an unusual sight in Havana.

My Tripod Update – Got a Gitzo GM2541 Monopod Instead!

As I mentioned yesterday in my post “A Tripod Novice – About to Become an Expert!“, Chris Gulker and I headed out to the local pro photo shop this morning to look at their seemingly endless assortment of tripods, monopods, ball heads for both, etc.

The basic objective was to help me find a more stable platform for some of my HDR photography indoors – at nearby locations like the Stanford Memorial Church, Cantor Arts Center, home (!), etc.

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