Riding the Rails with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II in Menlo Park

I had to walk over to Staples today from our office to pickup some office supplies and I took the new Canon 5D Mark II along – capturing this shot below as I crossed the Caltrain tracks in Menlo Park.

Shot down low looking south towards Palo Alto – in large JPEG on the 5D Mark II, lens at 24mm, shot at f/8 in P mode – with post-processing (mostly vignette) done in Lightroom 2.2.

Caltrain Menlo Park - Looking SouthCaltrain – Menlo Park – Looking South to Palo Alto

The Morning Constitutional Walk

As I mentioned over the holidays, Chris Gulker, Lily and I have been walking a 1.5 mile loop (Chris G’mapped it) around west Menlo Park every Tuesday and Thursday morning – before we sit down for a good cup of Peet’s coffee and discuss the solutions to the world’s problems. It’s sort of like The Capital Gang minus 1. Too bad more folks don’t agree with our solutions!

Seriously, though, it does seem like we always do learn something in the process!

More HDR Photography – Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park

It was another bright sunny January early afternoon today – following a clear, crisp night last night with temps early this morning in the mid-30’s and frost on the deck!

Getting Outside

Allied Arts Guild, Menlo Park, CA

HDR – Fully Processed

After (seemingly!) playing endlessly with Twitter and FriendFeed this morning, I decided to leave the computer behind and to head outdoors to do some more mid-day, bright sun, high dynamic range (HDR) photography. For me, HDR is perfect for mid-day, high contrast sun/shadow photography – just the opposite of that special early morning / early evening soft light that photographers otherwise learn to love.

This time, I wanted to stay close to home and minimize the travel time. Stanford University is always an option – it’s literally just around the corner and is where I started my HDR exploits in early September 2008. There’s a world of photo opportunities still waiting for me there at Stanford. But, been there, done that! I was looking for new adventures today!

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