Birthday Boy

Chris Gulker - Menlo Park - 2010

Today was my friend Chris Gulker’s 63rd birthday.

I had the great good fortune of meeting Chris a few years before he died in late October 2010. We had a wonderful routine of twice weekly Tuesday/Thursday 1.5 mile walks around his neighborhood. I’d bring along Lily, our Cavalier King Charles spaniel, and the three of us would make the route together. Lily exploring all of the smells and sounds, Chris and I talking about the tech and photography news of the week. It was just wonderful.

Today is Chris’ 63rd birthday. This image is from October 11, 2010 as he was showing me some of his beautiful black and white prints from his years as a photographer in Los Angeles. Such a gentle man and a great teacher.

One of my local favorites: Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park

Cafe Borrone - Menlo Park - 2014

One of my favorite local spots in Menlo Park is Cafe Borrone. I’m often there early for breakfast and sometimes, with colleagues, for lunch. Great food, great location, beautiful light, art, music. It’s a delight.

Today I headed over to Cafe Borrone for an early lunch – actually breakfast – and, as I was leaving, captured this image of the plaza with my iPhone 5s.

On my way around the corner, I noticed that the new area soon to become Borrone Marketbar was beginning to be revealed – and I snapped this shot below. Looking forward to the launch of the Marketbar! You can read more about the Marketbar here.

Borrone Marketbar - Menlo Park - 2014

Merry Christmas 2013!

Red - Allied Arts - 2013

A few weeks ago I went for a walk at Menlo Park’s Allied Arts Guild – one of my favorite local places. It’s good therapy for mind and soul to just walk the gardens there.

The Guild had their holiday decorations up – and this particular image has become one of my favorites. Shot with my Fujifilm X-E2 and post-processed in Photoshop CC with the Oil Paint filter to add some texture. I love the range of colors and lights/shadows in this image. Peaceful.

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful – and peaceful – Christmas season this year!

Hard to Believe It’s Almost Christmas!

Christmas Tree - Menlo Park - 2013

I felt like I needed a walk this afternoon. I grabbed my Fujifilm X100S and headed down to Menlo Park’s Santa Cruz Avenue about 30 minutes before sunset.

I walked the avenue – camera in hand – and captured a few holiday shots. But I think one is my favorite – a Christmas tree shot through a store window. I had to do a bit of post-processing cleanup in Photoshop CC to remove some reflections – and then decided to apply a bit of a painterly feel to the image using a combination of Topaz Simplify 4 and Photoshop CC’s oil paint filter. I used a layer mask to keep the ornament details sharp and added a bit of burning to add some depth to the tree itself.

This one my be our holiday card cover for next year!

Those Persimmons at Allied Arts in Menlo Park


While I was out running errands on Friday, I stopped by Menlo Park’s Allied Arts Guild with my new Fujifilm X-E2 camera and took a few shots (see my Flickr set).

I tried to compose this one to have the permissions be a diagonal line – adding visual interest. Post-processed in Lightroom 5 using VSCO Film 01 – Fuji 160C film emulation.

A Sharon Park Sunrise with the Fujifilm X-100S

Sharon Park Sunrise

As I headed out the door this morning to do a bit of grocery shopping for our dinner tonight I stopped by Sharon Park briefly. I love the low sun angle this time of year – and it was filtering through the trees from this particular angle which captured my eyes.

I post-processed this in Photoshop CC using a combination of Topaz Simplify 4, the Oil Paint filter, and some old fashioned dodging and burning to add a stronger sense of depth. Shot with my Fujifilm X100S.

First Images from My Fujifilm X-E2

Sharon Park - Menlo Park - Fujifilm X-E2

Last night, my new Fujifilm X-E2 arrived and I was able to squeeze in a few minutes this afternoon on the way home to stop by one of my favorite spots – Sharon Park in Menlo Park.

This image is a JPEG straight out of the camera. I’d set the camera up with pretty much the default settings – the only change was to shoot the JPEGs with the Velvia film emulation option – which adds color to the image. I’ve posted a few more images from the X-E2 to a new Flickr set that I just started today.

So far, I’m loving how this camera feels and works. A big attraction for me was compatibility with the menu system, etc. between the X-E2 and my Fujifilm X-100S. It’s great having both of these so capable cameras in my “nimble photography” kit bag!

Next up – trying out the 14mm f/2.8 lens on the X-E2. Looking forward!…

Sunday in the Park – Menlo Park

Sunday in the Park - Menlo Park - 2013

Once in a while, I’ll snap a quick shot on my iPhone and, sometime later, come back and look at it more closely. This is one of those images – shot yesterday at Sharon Park in Menlo Park while out for a walk with Lily. I had just come back from the Menlo Park Library where I’d spent an hour or two looking through some of their great books – including a huge book on the French Impressionists and a large 1974 collection of Ansel Adams’ images.

Perhaps some sort of combination of those two is what I saw when I snapped this shot while on the go with my iPhone 5. I opted to post process it using Topaz Simplify 4 – with the Black and White I preset brought back into Photoshop in Luminosity blend mode. I then added an Oil Paint layer – that impressionist effect working a bit of its magic on me!