Back to the Garden

The Garden - Filoli - 2013

I made a quick visit to Filoli this morning on a very warm day here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wanted to try out a new Toshiba FlashAir SD Card in my Fujifilm X100S. I have the 8GB version of the card – Toshiba has just announced a 16GB version which is also faster (Class 10 vs Class 6) – but it’s not yet available.

My goal today was to be able to take some shots, upload them from the camera to my iPad mini, do a couple of quick edits and then upload them as a new set to Flickr. Everything worked fine – I shot 28 images (before the heat got to me!) and headed into the café to upload them off the camera to the iPad and then on to Flickr. All told, it took me about a half hour to do this – roughly 1 minute per image. The combination of moving these 6-7 MB Jpeg files around twice took longer than I expected (the FlashAir uses WiFi to the iPad mini and on the iPad I was using the Flickr app to upload over Verizon LTE cellular.

In any case, mission accomplished! Derrick Story likes to call this combination the “nimble photographer”. Not sure I felt very nimble today in the heat – but it was fun and a walk in Filoli – even a short one – is always a lift for the spirit!

When I got home, I transferred the images off the SD card into Lightroom 5 and then did some editing using VSCO Film presets. A bit of dodging and burning in Photoshop CC, a quick border addition, and this image was finished.

A Walk in the City

On the Go - San Francisco - 2013

We’ve really been missing Lily this week – even her annoying habits that we used to complain about remind us that she’s gone.

This morning Doug Kaye and I met up in San Francisco for one of regular photo walks – this time exploring Chinatown mostly again but also passing through Embarcadero Center on our way to a late lunch at one of our favorites – Slanted Door.

Doug was shooting with two cameras he had acquired from – a Leica M9 and a Fujifilm X100S – for upcoming reviews on the This Week in Photography podcast.

I was shooting with my new Fujifilm X100S – having committed to this new camera based on the rave reviews it’s received from many other photographers.

This image is one of my favorites from today – seems to capture the capabilities of the X100S very nicely!