The Power of Oven Roasted Tri-Tip!

I’m always a bit amazed by the statistics as to how readers arrive at my blog here. All of this is strongly influenced by the search engines – what they think is important here coupled with what searchers are searching for.

While much of what I write about is photography-related, it turns out that’s not the primary driver – at least over the last 90 days. While the photography-related posts are important – they’re not the MOST important.

So, what is?

Well, turns out it’s oven roasted tri-tip – and my post from two years ago that points to my Scott’s Kitchen post on how easy it is to cook oven roasted tri-tip!

Looking for a couple of additional simple recipes for great tasting meals that are super easy to prepare?

Be sure to try this Easy Oven Roasted Salmon recipe based upon Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. We cooked this one again last night using fresh salmon filets from Trader Joe’s (Norwegian, farm raised) and it was superb! I used kosher salt and fresh ground pepper to season the salmon – along with a liberal sprinkling of one of my favorites, Penzey’s Sunny Spain (a salt-free lemon pepper blend), and a bit of Szechuan Pepper Salt (I seem to be using this on everything lately!). We did some stir-fry veggies to accompany – with a bit of balsamic for flavor.

And, here’s another: my super simple Scott’s Favorite Slow Roasted Chipotle Pork recipe. You can finish this with tortillas, over salad, or just by itself with some fresh limes. Perfect.

Maybe I need to turn my photography interest more toward capturing food images?

[Update – Feb 14, 2011 – I just registered the domain – a niche web site just for tri-tip fans! Coming soon!]

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