Ultimate Roast Chicken

As we’ve mentioned before, Chris and I spent last Saturday at the Village Pub in Woodside – learning at the hand of master chef Dmitry Elperin. While we participated in the roasting of several different proteins at the Pub, the main event was roast chicken.

Chris blogged about his efforts last night – and on our walk this morning we talked a bit more about how well it turned out.

Naturally, I had to give it a try – even though most of my cooking extravaganzas are weekend events.

So, on the way home tonight, I picked up a Rocky Jr. fryer along with a bunch of veggies to build a rack as Dmitry had taught us. Chris had warned me to be sure to get the veggies under the chicken – as otherwise they might char – so we did. For my rack, I used asparagus, carrots, onions, half a head of garlic, and about a dozen small Yukon Gold potatoes. Wish I had included the other half head of garlic!

Otherwise, the prep was as Dmitry taught us – including encouraging us to experiment with variations on stuffings for the cavity, etc. Tonight I used onion, garlic, and orange – a wonderful combination. Forgot the bay leaf – will have to include that next time!

Wow, after an hour in the oven at 425 degrees, we had a wonderful roast chicken dinner! Simple to prepare, painless to cook – a real delight.

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