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  1. Hello! I am also the proud owner of a blenheim cavalier female (who will be six years old in four weeks), named Phoebe. Happy Birthday, Lily!! You are gorgeous, with or without the mohawk!! Phoebe also has the added beauty of having three cav pups in the house, also. They are: Bentley (tri-colored), Quincy (blenheim) and Oliver (ruby). All three boys will be one year old during Halloween weekend. Out of these four dogs, three are “rescue dogs” so we decided since we have no accurate records on their birthdates, we’d celebrate everyone’s birthday at the same time. You live in California? We are in NY, the Hudson Valley area. Our cav’s are enjoying the cooler, crisp mornings/nights for their mile walks!! We were a dog-less home for 13 years and bought Bentley at Christmas time. Fell in love with Phoebe while at the breeders home and inquired about if she might have an older dog to sell to us, as well. I felt better about going to work and leaving the puppy with a mature dog, rather than alone, even though he’d be in his crate for safety. So, we came home with the puppy we intended to buy and Phoebe who was our “Christmas surprise”. We fell so completely in love with these dogs that in six weeks we answered a call on the internet for homes for Cav’s that needed rescueing…we brought home Quincy and Oliver that night, who were both four and a half months old. They have brought us enormous joy!! I tell everyone these dogs rescued US!!
    Thanks for posting about Lily!!

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