Multi-RAW Processing – Stanford Quad Example

Wow! Earlier this morning I wrote about Harold Davis’ multi-RAW post-processing technique. I’ve just spent some time in Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop working on a photo I took on the Stanford campus in late April.

The results are dramatic – as both the color balance in the originally was off along with the exposure. Here’s the original – followed by the 2-pass multi-RAW version. Pretty stunning comparison!



Multi-RAW Processed:


Notice how the right side exposure has been corrected and blended using a Photoshop layer mask gradient with the originally lighter (and properly exposed) left side of the photo.

Many thanks again to Harold for sharing this technique!

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  1. Scott, landed here via Chris Gulker. Like the pics. Tell me though, do you remember which looks more like real life ? They are so different, was it blue or yellow that day ?

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