Cooking Tri-Tips? We’ve Got You Covered!

Weber BBQ Charcoal Grilled TriTip Roast - Sliced
Weber BBQ Charcoal Grilled TriTip Roast - Sliced

One of our favorite meats for entertaining is the tri-tip roast. Reasonably priced, rich in flavor, and tender enough when properly cooked and sliced across the grain – we seem to almost always default to tri-tip when we’re entertaining a crowd.

Whether we’re cooking in the middle of winter in the oven or on a brilliant Spring Sunday cooking out back on our Weber charcoal BBQ, the tri-tips are just great! Where we live in the San Francisco Bay Area, our local butcher shops each have their own assortment of special tri-tip marinades which adds to the fun – and the flavor!

Over on my recipe web site, my “Scott’s ‘Lazy-S’ Easy Oven-Roasted Tri-Tips” recipe is very highly ranked in Google when folks search on cooking tri-tip roasts in the oven. This recipe is simple, easy, no muss, no fuss – lazy like it says in the title!

Early this morning, I added another recipe – “Grilling Tri-Tip on the Weber Charcoal BBQ” – this time all about charcoal grilling tri-tip roasts outside on the Weber charcoal BBQ. Cook with mesquite charcoal for incredible searing and flavor! Takes a bit more work and time – but who cares when it’s so nice outside!

So, take your pick – cooking inside or out, we’ve got you covered with a recipe for the best tri-tip cooking!

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