Helicopter Airshow Fun at Hiller’s Vertical Challenge 2007

Yesterday was the Hiller Aviation Museum‘s 8th annual Vertical Challenge airshow at San Carlos, Airport.

A very big crowd turned out for the show – but, in spite of all the people, the helicopters were right up close on the flight line, the big military choppers were all open for visiting, and the airshow – especially the Showchoppers and the Red Bull aerobatic helicopter display were really great fun. I took way too many photos – and got way too much sun – a day of extremes, I guess!

Click on the photo above – of the California Department of Forestry’s UH-1H Super Huey 106 from Alma Helitack closing in for a water bucket drop – for the link to my full set of Vertical Challenge 2007 airshow photos on Flickr.

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  1. Scott-
    It was a ton of fun, wasn’t it! You probably wouldn’t recognize me, but I did happen to see you walking through the crowd and wasn’t surprised to see you there taking pictures…
    I’ve lived on Redwood Shores for 5+ years and never before fought through the crowd to see the show (always watch from the dikes around redwood shores) – it was a ton of fun and my early father’s day outing with my dad and my kids – highly recommended for next year!!
    My logistics hint: walking from the designated parking areas along twin dolphin is quicker than the silly shuttle vans that sit in traffic anyway. And getting a Hiller Aviation Museum membership gets you in free to Vertical Challenge – its almost worth it just for the one event!

  2. Nice pictures, Scott. Do you remember the identification of this aircraft:
    I was able to identify most of the non-military aircraft by their N numbers http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_inquiry.asp but am having trouble with this one. I got a snap of it with the front open – http://picasaweb.google.com/arunkv/VerticalChallenge2007/photo?authkey=QEuAtI0sNe8#5076769340715541426

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