Santa Clara University: Silicon Valley Outlook

Santa Clara University’s SCU Leavey School of Business has a new index of business conditions in Silicon Valley.

The new Santa Clara University Business Index: Silicon Valley Outlook was announced today by business school dean Barry Posner, after a year in development. The survey has been tabulating results since February 2002 to affirm its validity and establish trends, he said. “This new business indicator, the only one of its kind, is a composite index that every month will track business conditions in Silicon Valley companies and their markets, as well as trends in job availability in the region,” said Posner. He said the SCU Business Index will be released the last week of each month.

Results released today showed that the survey respondents — comprised of SCU MBA alumni in the region — are now slightly less pessimistic about business conditions in Silicon Valley than last month. This holds steady after a six-month downward trend.

Those are carefully chosen words! I’ve not seen any new signs of economic life here in the Valley.

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