Scott LoftesnessBased in Menlo Park, California, I work by day as a strategy consultant and coach to the world’s greatest clients in electronic payments, financial services, information security and related technologies, both large and small. But my real passion outside of work is fine art photography – and much of this persona web site is now devoted to my photographic passions!

My current work passion is Glenbrook Partners, a consulting, advisory and research practice I co-founded over twelve years ago. At Glenbrook, we strive to add real value to our clients’ thinking — helping them put the puzzle pieces of strategy together in new and different ways. We enjoy jumping out of the box — exploring unusual alternatives and exciting possibilities. Glenbrook’s unique network of payments professionals makes possible the collaboration and trusted relationships we see in action each and every day in our work. There’s nothing better than breaking away and going for it — with the best of the best.

Any wisdom I may have comes from studying masters, trying to see and learn from how they think and the doors that they open as a result. I’ve been very lucky — and am most thankful — to have had the opportunity to learn from more than my share of great masters. You know who you are.

Of course, none of this would have been — or continues to be — possible without the bedrock foundation of family and friends. Talk about learning from masters, they’re the greatest!

My grey hair comes from many years of toil (!) in operating management with IBM, Visa International, Fidelity Investments and First Data Corp. Each opportunity was uniquely and distinctly valuable — opening new perspectives and providing unique ways to grow, collaborate and learn.

One of my favorite thoughts comes from Garrison Keillor: “Be well, do good work, and stay in touch.”

What do you want to be when you grow up? Drop me a note, introduce yourself, and tell me more — and why. Maybe I can help and, if I can, I’ll try.

Here’s my Google+ Profile for my photography work and my second Google profile for my non-photography work.

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Payments Pro, Street Photographer – Endlessly Curious!